15 years of Good Morning Croatia



"Good morning, Croatia" - say every working day at 7 o'clock Mila and Mestar ... or Blaza and Domagoj.

The youngest Croatian national network reporters has been making it possible for the last 15 years. Together with two cute secretaries... and a bunch of technicians of all kinds... and two reliable director-girls with their crew... and of course some producers.


Early birds of all ages are hosted in the sunny-coloured studio till ten past 9. They don't mind singing, dancing, acting, cooking, discussing serious or the less serious topics if asked by the friendly anchors. They only have to follow the instructions of the technical support guys who show them the right way first to the coffee, and then to the studio where they are properly wired... But nobody can do it without having passed through the gentle hands in the make-up room. Because the Croatian morning viewers are just like all the viewers in the world - they want to see all kinds of things, except for the dull ones.

The master mind of Daria the executive producer never sleeps, everybody knows it. If you are here, you better love the team work, that's the rule. No wonder - making more than 10 hours of live program a week is like a space-shuttle: if one wheel stops, everything falls apart. And it never has. Well, maybe once or twice, but it is a little secret well kept from the viewers. After all, it is a thing to be proud of: carry on every week for 15 years, always with a smile. Happy birthday, Good morning Croatia!


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